We would like to invite you to unique tours to the preserved secret areas where unforgettable adventures and impressions are awaiting you. We will guide you along the tracks where you will feel the greatness of the pristine wilderness and watch the wonderful unspoiled Far Eastern nature.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? To dive in the world of adventures? To rely on your friends? To enjoy the marvelous nature and view the unending landscapes of the Russian Far East?

· Do you want to visit the places where the legendary local hunter, Dersu Uzala*, had once lived? We have unique tours to the areas where the famous trailblazer was staying and hunting many years ago.

· Would you like to try photo hunting the Amur tiger? You’ll be astonished by the power, beauty and majesty of this animal, and your pictures will surely amaze yourself and your friends and family.

· And how about walking through the Yew Grove? The unique trees that have lived there for thousand years, an incredible natural monument only few of which have left in the world. You can feel the centuries-old history there.


“Dersu Uzala”

A legendary trailblazer, hunter, an indigenous inhabitant of the region. One of the few people who really knew, loved and felt the taiga.

· A known Russian writer and researcher Vladimir Arsenyev recounted his travels with the “taiga man” Dersu Uzala in a series of books Along the Ussury Land and Dersu Uzala.

· Based on the books, three movies were made: Dersu Uzala (1961) by Agasi Babayan, Dersu Uzala (1975) by Akira Kurosava, honored by Oscar for the best foreign film, and more recent Vladimir Arsenyev. The captain of taiga produced in 2011.

“Tiger’s Trails”

Would you like to see the habitat of the magnificent Amur (Ussuri) tiger? Photo hunt this beautiful animal by a camera trap? Amur tiger is rightfully called a taiga master!

· Visit the habitat and hunting fields of the biggest and most beautiful tiger which is included in the Red Book of Russia. The greatness, attraction and grace of the animal will leave no one unattached.

· Some tigers may reach 300 kg and more, male animals can grow up to 3.7 m from neb to tail; females are normally somewhat smaller.

“Yew Grove”

Yew Grove is a unique monument of nature. Centuries-old trees, real giants which witnessed the time itself will guide you in this exceptional journey.

· Some of the trees are 700 years old. But there are unique representatives of the species which have grown for 3000 years.

· This elegant beautiful tree is listed in the Red Book and can be found only in the Far East. The Japanese Yew grows very slowly, 3-4 cm a year. So, if you find a thick tree it means it is really a long liver of our planet.


An example of a fortunate photo hunting

A very rare case in wildlife – three young tigers grow together

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