Recreation Camp Nilo

Nilo Recreation Camp locates on the bank of a mountain river in Anyuysky National Park.

Living House

 A cozy warm house where you can have pleasant time, rest, prepare your fishing gear and simply enjoy the nature. Two comfortable guest rooms and a panorama terrace with a fantastic view on a wonderful, fast, majestic mountain river. The house is warm in winter and cool in summer. Come visit us and have a look at the unique nature with your own eyes!

Your personal mini paradise is waiting for you at our recreation camp Nilo. The house can accommodate up to 10 guests. You will spend your vacation with comfort and in good mood, get a bunch of pleasing memories, lots of fun, and will definitely wish to come back again for new impressions.


There is a separate cabin at the camp for cooking and taking the meals. The kitchen is equipped with gas stove and fridge. Our cook will prepare Russian cuisine and more. We can cook delicious ukha (fish soup on the open fire), various meat dishes, shashlik (barbeque), or anything else. Indeed, there are very few things in life to be compared with the delight of having a meal on a river bank watching the running water, among your friends or alone with the nature. At such moments, you can really feel as one with all its magnificence. The cozy kitchen is good for a gathering in the evening to have a party with a guitar and singing, or just sit with a cup of tea having a talk.

We believe that here you will have fantastic time, breeze fresh taiga air, visit unique nature reserves, photo-hunt the tiger and enjoy the real fishing trophies.

And then you will go to banja!


Banya (Russian hot bath)

For us, nothing is better than the Russian hot bath. We offer you a real woodfired banya, a selection of veniks (oak or birch branches), and don’t forget to try the ice-cold river after hot steam! We know you will enjoy it!

Spending the evening in banya will be the best way to relax after all the activities – fishing, walking along Dersu Uzala’s trails, photo hunting the tiger and visiting the yew grove. You will feel like born again after switching between hot steam and icy river, and newly delight the quietness of the great taiga. We know you will never forget this feeling and wish to come back again and again.


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